How to bypass verification Google account on Android devices

Most devices Android is tied to Google account to activate and use. In trying to make gadgets more secure if your device is lost or stolen, Google implemented a feature called Factory Reset Protection (FRP). Although this is undoubtedly useful, it can be a real headache if you forgot the username and password that was used during the activation. Therefore, the knowledge of how to bypass verification Google account, it can be useful.

It is worth saying that if you set Android device by using your Google account the protection function is reset (FRP) is enabled by default. So, if you are didn’t turn it off, it probably works.

How to disable FRP

Bypass Google account and lock FRP is not as simple as it seems. Android devices from different manufacturers may differ slightly, but the overall process and the steps are very similar.

Disabling protection FRP is probably the easiest way to make sure that you don’t have to deal with this problem. It is also the easiest of the methods available to bypass a Google account. You need to make the account deletion. Removing the account will also erase the data of Google services (Gmail, assistants and so on). For this, go to device settings, click on your account and look for the item “Remove”. After removing Google account, you no longer have to deal with locking FRP.

Bypass Google account

This method will be effective for most types of Android devices, however, keep in mind that Google regularly updates the security settings in their products.

  • To begin, make a reset. “Settings” — “Reset to factory settings”.
  • Next, go through the installation process until you get the ability to connect to Wi-Fi.
  • When you receive this item, tap the text field to password Wi-Fi (but don’t enter it).
  • You should see a keyboard. On the keyboard press and hold the spacebar.
  • In the menu that appears, select the language English (US).
  • You should be returned to the screen of the Wi-Fi connection. Now you can enter the password for your network.
  • Continue the installation process until you are prompted to enter the account Google. On this screen, click on the “Enter e-mail address or phone number”.
  • Then on the keypad, press and hold the “@”symbol.
  • In the appeared menu, select “Google keyboard Settings.”
  • On the next screen, tap the menu icon and select “help”.
  • On the next screen click “Google Search”
  • You should see a web page. Tap and hold any word on the page until a menu appears, then select the web search menu and select “Google.”
  • Then search parameters on the web page.
  • Within the option to autocomplete the gear icon settings should appear in the drop-down menu of available options. Click on it.
  • Select “Backup and reset”.
  • Now you need to go through the account setup. When you are prompted to verify your Google account, this time you should be able to skip this paragraph.
  • Once setup is complete, you will be able to use their device without verifying Google account.

Bypass Google account using a third-party program

Another way to bypass verification of Google account is to install a third — party app on your Android device. The application will allow you to bypass verification Google account. The installation and use of APK a bit more complicated than installing the application directly on your phone.

  • Select the program APK that you would like to use. Their choice is huge: FRPHijacker Tool (for Samsung devices), FRP Bypass APK, D-G Unlocker Tool or GSM Flasher ADB Tool.
  • Download the tool bypass FRP on a USB drive. (You can also run them from a PC, but it’s easier to run them directly on the device.)
  • After the download is complete plug the USB drive to your mobile device using the OTG cable.
  • Find and install the APK from a USB device.
  • After installation is complete, you should have access to the settings of the device to make the changes required to bypass Google account.

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