How to cancel your subscription in the Apple Music

In five easy steps you can cancel your Apple Music subscription. Although you can pay a lower amount for the subscription in the plan of the student or family, some may want to unsubscribe completely.

How to cancel your subscription at Apple Music

  • The Apple Music and click on the tab For You at the bottom
  • Click on your profile photo in the upper left corner
  • In the account page, swipe down and click on View Apple ID
  • Drag down and click on subscriptions Subscriptions
  • Click membership in the Apple Music and select Cancel Subscription and click Confirm to finish the process of cancellation

Here’s how the appearance of the process on the iPhone:

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إلغاء اشتراكك في Apple Music

Now drag down and click on subscriptions, and then choose the Apple Music Membership.

إلغاء اشتراكك في Apple Music

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