How to change Google account by default

Google allows all users to easily switch between multiple existing accounts. One of these Google accounts is designated as your account default, which, according to Google, is the one that was registered first.

Your default Google account is used automatically whenever you use any Google services (Search, Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Photos, etc.). If your current account is by default different from that which you would like, you will have to switch to the corresponding account each time you go into any of the above services via the browser.

How to reset Google account by default

The only way to change the Google account by default — out of all Google accounts and then log back on to the main uchetku you want to set as default before entering into any further account. Just follow all steps below to ensure that your default Google account was changed on the right.

  1. Navigate your browser to
  2. Click on the profile picture in the upper right corner.
  3. In the drop down menu, click Exit.

    Perhaps you will be shown a message stating that the synchronization is suspended. If you see this message, just click Continue.

    Google will show you a list of all of your accounts from which you came.

    Note: You must log out of all your Google-account. If you are still not out of one or more accounts, select it and repeat steps 1-3, to get out of each.

  4. Now all you need to do is to choose the Google account you want to use as the account default, then enter your password and click Next.
  5. After logging in you can log back in to your other Google accounts by clicking on your avatar profile in the upper right corner and then tapping Add account in the drop down menu.
  6. Hit Enter, enter your password and click Next.

    You log in and go to the Google account that you just entered.

  7. Repeat steps 5 through 6 for all other Google accounts which you have.
  8. Now you can make sure the first Google account that you entered, is your account by default. To do this, click on your profile picture in the top right corner and find near it a special label showing that this account is now default.

Note: If you currently use your default account, next to it will not be displayed this label is a special label. You will see it in the drop-down menu only when you’re in one of your other accounts.

To change your Google account by default, you may at any time, as often as you like by repeating the steps above.

Remember that when you are doing this for one computer or mobile device, default Google account, which you set is an exclusive for this computer or smartphone/tablet. If you use multiple computers or mobile devices, you may need to reset your Google account by default, for each of them.

Important notice about your account settings Google

According to the information on the FAQ-page of Google, each account has its own settings, but when you sign in to multiple accounts at the same time, sometimes Google can’t tell what you are using. In this case, some settings can be applied from the wrong account.

For example, when you open a new browser window when you log into two of your accounts, Google could not determine which one you want to use in this new window. The settings for this new window is usually applied for your account by default.

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