How to change headphones to mono mode on Android

If you ever pulled one earphone out of your ear while listening to music, must have noticed that to hear the entire soundscape of the track already is. But it is necessary to put it back in, as the song begins to play in the old way in its entirety. This happens due to the fact that each earphone of the pair receives the sound via a separate channel. That is why they are divided into left and right. Tell how to eliminate this segregation and to hear the whole panorama in one earphone.

Listening to music through one earphone can be enjoyable. Well, almost

The need to pull out one earphone without losing the ability to hear what the other broadcasts, it can occur to anyone. Let’s say you walk down the street and want to hear what is happening around, or watching a movie together, sharing one earphone with a second spectator. Because of this one missing explosions or the sound of a passing car. The same is true solos in rock music. Usually solo is diverted by 90% in one ear, while in the second we hear the rhythm guitar. This allows you to hear the solo to the last detail, but if you listen to only one ear, there will be either solo or rhythm.

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Or, for example, are with someone the dialogue. It is considered that the need to remove one earpiece during a call, even if the music of them is not playing. However, it is unclear why in this case it is impossible to remove both the earphone, but leave it to the discretion of those who practice such a method of expression of respect. Our job is to direct both audio channels in one earpiece, not allowing the sound to share in two.

How to enable mono sound on Android

  • Go to Settings, find the tab “Manage” and go to “accessibility”;
  • Then look for the section with the Audio settings and enable the option “Mono audio”;

Why do we need mono sound and how to enable it

  • Connect the headphones to the smartphone and play;
  • Pull out one earphone from an ear and make sure that the entire sound panorama is felt in one side of the headphones.

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Nothing supernatural after activation of this setting does not occur. Just a smartphone understands that you just need to combine the channels into one, no longer crush them to create volume. So you can even listen to music through a headset, which usually consists of a single earphone. This though will make the sound less rich and deep than when using two headphones, but still let you hear all the sounds and transitions of the current song. However, you need to be careful, because prolonged listening to music through one earphone may cause hearing problems.

Is it harmful to listen to music in one earphone

The fact that the way you load auditory channels unevenly. Because of this ear, which is experiencing a constant load, may lose sensitivity to a particular frequency spectrum or even to stop taking them. In addition, in sensitive people unbalanced load can put pressure on the brain and cause headaches, nausea and other disorders. Therefore, if listening to music with headphones, do it in a quiet environment, not to be distracted by extraneous factors, and only two ears.

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