How to change icon of the app Telegram on iOS

Customization has never been skate iOS. Even if Apple allowed users to customize the appearance of the operating system, make significant changes, it was still impossible. Forbidden even customize your desktop appearance, icons, not to mention the other. Then, towards the users went to the developers themselves, who began to let choose the icon in its sole discretion, to somehow fine-tune the appearance of the OS for themselves. Recently such an opportunity came in the Telegram.

The ability to change the icon in the Telegram there for several months. However, it was not included among the official duties of the messenger. Moreover, the developers have specifically hide it from ordinary users, turning it into a kind of Easter eggs for the most active and interested. But with the release of version 5.8 of Telegram for iOS the ability to change icons appeared officially. Tell how and where to find it.

How to return the icon of Telegram X

  • To change the icon of Telegram for iOS, open the same application;
  • Go to “Settings” — “Appearance” — “application Icon”;
  • On the opened page, select one of the six icons that you like;
  • Confirm the change icon button OK, which will appear in the dialog box.

At the moment there are six icons. Three of them were blue and white, designed in classic style, and the rest white and black, echoing the style of the client and family X. Rather, they were caused by requests from users, who relished icon experimental version of the application. Then the developers decided to please everyone and added in the Telegram the opportunity to choose any icon.

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