How to change in the form of pictures of what you need Photoshop

Sometimes it takes a person of some simple modifications to images, change their colors or the way it was presented, without any cooperation with the image processing software, most notably Photoshop Photoshop. Don’t worry, you can do that using the program to write the famous Microsoft Word Microsoft Word.

The program offers WordPress, which is of the most important programs and the most famous within the Microsoft Office package Office, some simple tools and the initiative to add effects on photo without having to contain any program for image processing. To do this, follow the below steps:

First select the image you want to add effects to it, and save it on your computer, then open the programme Word, and GE enter the picture to by pressing on the list entry Insert, then Picture Picture.

Select the picture of the track on the computer through the filter box that will appear in front of you, then double-click it or select it and choose the entry Insert.

Now, the image inside the Word file that you have open, click once on it to select it.

Click on the list Format top of the page in word, to show you have many options specific to image processing, for example, can change the colors of the picture completely out of options for re-coloring Recolor as in the following picture. Try it all, it’s enough to just stand with the mouse pointer on one of them to show the impact at the moment on the photo.

You can also put a frame to the picture, either a rectangular frame or an oval shape, or the frame edges or without, as in the following picture.

Is finished add the effects that you want, click the right mouse button on the image, and select Copy Copy.

Now open the paint program Paint, which is one of the programs existing by default in the version of the Windows operating system, you can find it in the Start menu and then Accessories. Make a paste the Paste the image into the program via the pressure Control+V from the keyboard.

Now the image that exists within the paint program Paint, with the added effects that you have added in WordPress. Save the image via the main menu of the DVR and then choose Save as Save As and then the format you want to save the image (JPEG or PNG), and save it on your device.

Now you have the picture plus the effects that you added.

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