How to change the appearance of smartphones in 2019

Smartphone manufacturers will not be able to get rid of the indentations, which usually are frontal sensors and a camera module, at least another year. Therefore, the devices 2019 model year will continue to have a technical cut, which, however, must appear in a slightly different form. According to Chinese insider Ice Universe, known for their awareness, in the following year dredging kadyrkulova and drip type replaces the islets is included in the “body” displays.

Recess island, unlike the other, are the only way to maximize the use of the useful area of the front panel of the smartphone, making the display an asymmetric matrix. However, this decision certainly will not allow manufacturers to equip smartphones hardware facial recognition system, which at this stage of development takes a lot of space inside the case, risking to break the design aesthetic of the island cutouts.

Smartphones with the best design

The first manufacturer who tried to implement the insular method of placing the front camera became Essential. Despite the fact that the solution to wards Andy Rubin essentially has the shape of a “Peninsula”, it was more in line with the estimated trend the following year. It also plans to adhere to Samsung Electronics, as evidenced by the patents issued in the name of designers brand patent and trademark office.

Island front camera placed in the display, though, and looks quite relaxed, requires a fair effort for a flawless implementation. At the very least, manufacturers that decide to take this design course, will be forced to give up for him, from the physical speakers, replacing them with decisions with bone conduction, is still the highest audio quality.

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