How to change the display and right case iPad

Although many do not carry iPad always with me, as, for example, that same iPhone, tablets still often damaged, mainly due to the fall. After all, the device fell off the couch onto the floor, no need to go anywhere. In the end, the slightest inaccuracy leads to damage of the iPad screen, and their character often is that comfortable use of a tablet it becomes impossible (and even dangerous, because the glass shards are easy to get hurt). Here and to deliberate there is nothing – you need to change the display.

Broken device screen is always hurt

Crashed iPad screen

In the case of iPad 2, iPad 3, 4, iPad Air 1, 5 and 6 generation, and iPad mini 1,2,3 generation display unit is a separate structure from the display and touchscreen. Therefore, tacken, which protects the components of the display module can be replaced separately, if you do not corrupt the display (and Vice versa — if the touchscreen is intact, but broken display), of which we will discuss in other articles. However, for other iPad models, as well as serious damage and change the geometry of the housing is necessary to replace the display module as a whole.

Recommended reading — how to change glass on contemporary iPhone models. It’s complicated, direct surgical operation.

Such iPad Pro 12.9 fell into the hands of the specialists of service center of Apple Pro. This iPad is not only need to replace the entire display module, but also to restore the correct geometry of the body, otherwise the new module simply snaps into its place. Looked how to repair iPad Pro 12.9.

The screen is broken into smithereens

The tablet was seriously injured in the fall

Strongly broken geometry of the housing

How does the screen iPad Pro 12.9

First, the engineer disassembles the old display module, its surface is heated in order to remove all the factory glue and separate from the body. Using the broken screen carefully to hook.

Dismantling the old display module

Having access to the “innards” of the tablet, the technician disconnects the cables of the display module, and then disconnects the battery. Further dismantled the display module and Flex cable Home button which has a Touch ID.

The dismantling of plume touch-controller with a broken display module

In the next step begins the hardest part of the job. In this model, the touchscreen controller is a cost. The button with the fingerprint scanner Touch ID tied to the device’s processor, so if you notice, the fingerprint scanner will not. Therefore, with the display module removed controller Board and touch button with fingerprint scanner Touch ID.

With the display module removed controller Board and touch button with fingerprint scanner Touch ID.

Dismantling the touch controller of the loop of the touchscreen

To accomplish this, we need to use the soldering iron and all its neatness, otherwise you can damage the trail or contacts.

Mounting touch controller for the new display module

Button carefully dismantled, you can install it to the new display frame

After installation of the PCB touch controller for the new display module, installed in the Home button

As soon as the Home button again I found “the house”, you can permanently clean the Cabinet from the remnants of the tape and begin to fix the geometry of the housing — otherwise, the new display module on the iPad can simply not stand. To do this, the engineer uses a special tool that restores dented corners and geometry, thereby allowing to adjust the enclosure to the desired size to accommodate the new display module.

Removed the remains of the old tape

The correction of the geometry of the housing

It is important to note that outside of the aluminum housing are dents and chips, which was after the fall, but on the inside he will be absolutely smooth.

The geometry is fixed, but the dents left

If the geometry is correctly recovered, the display module snaps without problems

Once the geometry is recovered, the engineer carries out Assembly in the reverse order — connect the cables and installs the new display module.

Gluing a new display module with termostate

Assemble in reverse order

After installation, the display module checks its performance and responsiveness of the sensor.

The sensor is working, the display is also

You may notice that the procedure for replacing the display iPad Pro 12.9 (or indeed any iPad) is far from simple, and largely because of the need for manipulation of the Home button on models with Touch ID. And if you need to restore the geometry of the enclosure before installation, this can take up to 4 hours. So we would advise not to tempt fate and entrust her to anyone: professionals service centre Apple Pro has already managed to prove their competence, and will be happy to help you with these and other types of repair (replacement display iPad Pro here). Oh and don’t forget about the secret discount for readers

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