How to change the Files in iPadOS

Not long ago, Apple showed the world a new OS for tablet computers – iPadOS. This announcement was a complete surprise for many – few expected that the Corporation will be decided on such a radical change, abandoning the usual names. During the presentation of the operating system, the company placed special emphasis on the updated Files. And challenging – the file Manager has got many useful functions. Consider all key changes in this material.

A new way to display files

There is a new method to display files in columns. Such a solution is long overdue, because the space is used irrationally (especially on the large iPad). It is noteworthy that in this mode, you can immediately view the properties of a document without having to open the context menu.

Quick action

In the file Manager there is such a convenient tool, Quick steps. The list of these commands includes the markup documents, rotate images, and create PDF files. In General, everything that we used to see in the Finder on macOS Mojave.

Import files

Apple has also revised its approach to the import file iPadOS. The Files have learned how to work with folders of third-party applications. You can now copy files or documents directly — no need to run the program and execute a special import procedure.

For example, you have connected your camera to the iPad and transferred the file into Photoshop for further work with them. After starting the application, all imported files will be immediately available for editing.


One of the main feature of the file Manager iPadOS — ability to work with archives. Users can unpack archives or create your own — for this you need to choose the appropriate option from the context menu. Supported zip format.

Hotkeys support

The Files app now supports keyboard shortcuts (though this requires external keyboard). View the list of available combinations is possible by the Command.

Support external storage

Now to iPad can connect any external storage device, whether flash drive, portable hard drive or memory card (via adapter). No need to download software from third party developers or to buy MFI-accessories — everything works perfectly right in the app “Files”. Data transfer is possible in both sides — no restrictions anymore.

Sharing files

The app “Files” have learned to work with network storages. Claimed to support the well-known SMB (Server Message Block). Because of this, you can freely connect to your PC or Mac and get access to all the necessary folders and files.

The Files can now share the iCloud Drive folder to other users. Previously this option was only available for single files.

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