How to change the Photos app in iOS 13

Not long ago, Apple showed us iOS 13. The update can be called evolutionary — the company is slowly but steadily improving its mobile operating system. Among the list of global changes are: the new dark interface mode, download Manager, support for external storage media. Also some improvement was seen in the Photos. Let us discuss this in more detail.

Over the last few years Apple has been actively implementing machine learning technology in Photos. IOS 13, the company has continued to improve artificial intelligence and neural networks:

  • Improved recognition of objects and animals in pictures and images. Many elements identifitseerida at the time of shooting — additional indexing is no longer required.
  • Apple changed the algorithm for displaying images in the photo library. The operating system analyzes the image and automatically creates a compilation of the best captured moments.

Visual changes

The main “Photos” tab has been seriously reworked. Appeared to sort by days, months and years. Updated and way display photos: it now uses tiles of different sizes. The best shots are in the center.

Photos designed for the best captured moments. Therefore, in this mode no longer show screenshots, pictures of documents, receipts and also duplicates. Everything is very structured and clear.

In the tab “Days” shows the photos grouped by days, and in the tab “month” — pictures are organized by events.

In the tab “Year” hosted compilation of the best moments for every month.

In all sections now stand out events: birthdays, name, location, names of people, location and so on.

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Other improvements

  • In the media library now automatically reproduced Live Photo and videos (no sound);
  • There was a separate tab for screen recordings;
  • Was added Image Capture API. The developers had the opportunity to import metadata about images in your application;
  • Now you can specify multiple words to search queries. For example, “sea” and “vacation”;
  • The size of photos in your library can now be adjusted using the familiar gesture of increase or decrease;
  • For “Moments” is now selected relevant music based on your preferences.

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