How to change the sound quality of the HomePod 2

Despite the fact that the HomePod is present on the market more than a year, smart column did not become a bestseller. Some user pushes a high price, while others question the appropriateness of the purchase and usability of the device. To rectify the situation maybe release an updated version – 2 HomePod. And if you believe the rumors, Apple is preparing something really interesting in the new generation of its smart speaker.

According to the publication Patently Apple, the company registered another patent. This time talking about the successor to the HomePod. The document referred to a new intellectual system of stereo image, which will automatically adjust the sound depending on where the user is now.

Any way to customize the column is not necessary, everything will be much easier — with the help of special sensors, 2 HomePod will determine the user’s location in the room and, based on these data, to adjust certain parameters, to create a natural and high-quality stereo. Remarkably, this technology will work even if the room is just a few people — the device will be able to create individual sound zones for each of the listeners.

In the patent specified, and other nuances of the technology: for example, automatically reduces the volume when the user approaches to a safe level, read the position of the head for a more precise and detailed transmission of sound, and the volume of the channels. On top of that, HomePod 2 also can automatically stop music playback if the user left the room and Vice versa.

Unfortunately, it is not clear is whether Apple is working on HomePod 2. However, if the second generation of smart speakers will still see the light, it is possible that the above technology will actually get used in this product.

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