How to change your picture on Facebook without the notice of others?

تغيير صورتك على الفيسبوك

It may be annoying for others when working to change the image of the profile your on Facebook once in a while, although you may don’t make this much of comments on your posts everyday, you’ll find a lot of them whenever you post a new photo for you.

For whatever reason you may have sometimes needs to change that image with a new one at times short, and avoid is annoyed the others in a successive, you have to bypass the mechanism of action of Facebook when you notify the other and both are friends of this change. It is understood that default settings of the Facebook account doing this important been others with what you do from posting, or when you change your profile picture or photo mural.

To be able to change your image how you want and whenever you want without feeling the buyers of this change, who will store them later when you visit your own profile or when you post and your participation for any subject. You have to follow easy steps and gas complex that we know its here, I follow it every time you want to withhold this change about them.

How to change your picture on Facebook without notice to the others.

It the beginning I don’t work to change the image in the traditional way by clicking on the image of the current Update, Profile Picture. Don’t follow this way because Facebook will immediately send the changes to all friends.

  • Tops instead it is through the box publications traditional Whats on your mind to prepare a new publication , working on selecting Only Me from the list of Who Should See this.
    Then click on the Photo/Video top of the box publishing and bring a photo of your new published Post.
    Here, since you have to allocate this image to see its nobody but us Only Me .. they are as well, won’t get any notice of those who are friends.

Whats on your mind

Go now to the picture of the current and press on the Update Profile Picture to replace them with those you posted which was saved in your pictures folder.
Work selected from the list of images you have and edit the values if necessary and save the changes by clicking on Save.

  • In the meantime, just, you have speed written, where will Facebook to publish and alert others of this change !! Immediately went to the page of the publication, your chair, where you’ll find a picture that you changed may have changed from the customization mode Only Me to situation General Public are use her situation to situation Only Me.

Will Wizard the Facebook to prevent the arrival of this change and cancel the alerts that have been sent to others “if you are late make this patch” .
Accordingly by following these steps above you can change your profile picture at any time and the length of time without annoyance your friends.

How to change your picture on Facebook without the notice of others?

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