How to charge your phone correctly?

The mission represents the battery is the most important parts of their phones or tablets or notebooks. In normal situation the battery can last from 3 to 5 years and during that period diminished capacity (age) at the rate of 20% with every 500 charge cycles, but maybe dealing the wrong way with the battery makes it vulnerable to greater trade and decreasing its capacity at a faster pace, and here in this article offer some tips that might help make the battery last as long as possible, both in iOS devices iPhone, iPad, and Android devices laptop, or devices with lithium batteries in general.

كيف تشحن هاتفك بطريقة صحيحة ؟

How to charge your phone correctly?

When should you recharge your device?

The basic rule of perfect batteries, lithium is retained most of the time above 50% as much as possible, and when recharged don’t prefer the delivery of the shipment to 100%, so the ideal ratio of the battery to be between 40% to 90%, and generally make sure you don’t up the percentage charging in the battery to less than 20% before you recharge it.

Are you charging to 100% is wrong?!

Yes, it is wrong when you repeat it continuously might lead to damaging the battery in the long run, and better off shipping arrival shipping rate to 90% like, though there is the advice of some experts saying that you should discharge the battery completely till 0% Then recharge it to 100% once every month.

هل الشحن إلى 100% أمر خاطيء ؟!

Are you charging to 100% is wrong?!

It is worth mentioning also that most of the smartphones recently you stop charging automatically after the arrival of the shipping rate to 100%, but in any case you should follow the previous advice not to leave your Phone Charging longer than necessary and especially if the temperature associated with shipping.

Smart phones and fast charging technology

Most of the Android phones recently now support fast charging technology thanks to the partner of the smart power management built-in to it and that requests from the shipper more energy to speed up the shipping process as they modify the current according to the temperature of the device to maintain a battery, and preferably remove the protective cap to increase heat dissipation during charging.

الهواتف الذكية و تقنية الشحن السريع

Smart phones and fast charging technology

For the iPhone there are only recent versions (iPhone 8 / 8 plus X/) which supports fast charging technology and you need a fast charger dedicated to take advantage of them.

You can use the charger replacement?

Better to use the original charger that comes with the phone, and do not use the charger with other phones only when necessary and in the narrowest limits, also when buying a charger for your device prefer to buy one from the manufacturer or other company as reliable as Anker or other approved companies.

هل يمكن استخدام شاحن بديل؟

You can use the charger replacement?

Not recommended never to resort to chargers cheap or non-original because they cause deep damage to the battery starting to destroy them and reduce the life and may it comes to the explosion, because such chargers do not undergo the safety tests and the safety of the known.

Do not use the battery

If you have more than one card and want to use one and keep another, No you empty it of cargo is better shipped even 50% then leave them in a suitable place away from exposure to heat or cold. Usually lose batteries unused from 5% to 10% of shipping every month, and when you left it uncharged and unused for a long time may lead to the inability to Shipping at all.

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