How to check the ratio of Pencil battery on an Apple device

I don’t need Apple Pencil on the screen or any LED indicators to tell you the remaining quantity of the battery – or if he was on the verge of running out of energy completely. But don’t worry: it is easy to check the proportion of battery Pencil battery Apple.

Apple is acknowledging that IOS suffered from a bug that leads to the battery consumption

If you were to pair the pencil Pencil currently iPad, you should just alert, tablet, and scrolling fast across the screen (either from the lock screen or the first page of the Home screen) until you see the “Today show” and its various components, and as one of the tools that you can choose to show them here is the battery indicator, indicating the power remaining in the iPad itself and any extensions associated with it.

If you can’t see the tool Batteries, swipe your finger to bring up more tools to offer, but if it does not exist at all, we’ll have to add it.

  • How to add the Batteries widget:

Click Edit at the bottom of the list of tools offer today, then enter your fingerprint or passcode to unlock it if necessary. Will you to a page to add tools.

A comparison between the iPhone 5 and Samsung s 4

The list shows top gadgets currently active, and the symbols of three lines on the right of each of them, you can adjust the order in which they appear. But we want to add a new one, so look out in the department more tools underneath.

It’s in alphabetical order so it must be the batteries close to the summit. When discovered, click the plus sign Green next to it, it will move to the top menu (bottom). Drag it to the desired location in the list.

  • What if it is paired pencil Pencil is?

If it is not paired to your iPad Pen Apple Your (or if the pen lead Pencil out of energy completely), it will not appear in the tool Batteries.In this case, you must connect the pen lead Pencil with a port Lightning of your iPad.

In the end : you will start shipping. Secondly, if you got enough strength to do it, it will ask you the theme of the proposal with the iPad, then confirmed you want to pay, will the battery percentage in the tool is plain and will be there even if you then disconnect the two devices.

How to check the ratio of Pencil battery on an Apple device

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