How to check which apps have access to your photos on iPhone

You can’t remember all the apps that allowed him to be able to read and write in the Photos app on your iPhone for? Read on to find out how to check the permissions that apply to the images and change them.

Over time, it may be easy to forget about all the different applications that allowed them access to read / write to the Photos app on the iPhone. Whether you experience some of the work of regular maintenance or want to check a specific application, follow the steps below.

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  1. Open Settings, drag down and Select Privacy Privacy
  2. Click on the Photos
  3. You will now see a list of all third-party apps that have access to read / write in the photo application
  4. Click one to change for whom

Here’s how it looks these steps:

أذونات الوصول إلى صورك على iPhone

Now you will see all the apps that are granted permissions to access photos on your iPhone.

أذونات الوصول إلى صورك على iPhone

As described above, tap an app to change the permissions of the images.

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