How to choose a group of photos in iOS quickly

If you have a lot of photos on an iPhone or an iPad in your photos app in iOS 11 and I wanted to delete a large number of them or share them, there is no doubt that selecting each image individually is a tedious and time consuming. Here’s a quick way to determine a large number of images once defined them.

كيف تقوم باختيار مجموعة من الصور في iOS سريعاً

To determine the number of images to quickly do the following:

◉ Open the photos app on your device.

◉ Tap Select in the top left of the screen or the right depending on the language.

◉ Click on the first picture you want, and then drag a vector to the left on the row to select it and then scroll down to the bottom until you finish selecting the images you want. If your phone is in English walk to the right and then scroll down to the bottom. Or for convenience, choose to select the first image then drag the heading to the last picture and you don’t know your attention in the direction that pulls towards him.

◉ After selecting images you can do the action you want, whether deletion or participation.

◉ You can remove the lifting your finger, and then browse the image top and bottom then drag again at a group photo of their choice.

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