How to choose a secure password using the Diceware

The strength of our accounts online in the strength of the passwords or the password “ – “Password” ” Password, if you are looking for a way to choose a password very difficult, any hacker or software breakthrough to solve the codes easily, then you should try the way that “Dyson” Diceware.

As its name suggests, the choice of the passwords by using the “Dyson” Diceware based on the use of dice or flower of childhood, and now we have:

(1) bring a pen and paper and dice, and then throw the dice 5 times and record the number in each time.

(2) imagine that we got the numbers. 11231 in the first time, now look at this list available online, and look for this number on the page by pressing Control+F from the keyboard and write a number 11231, then start the search process.

(3) The word corresponding to this number is acidic, and put them down on paper.

(4) now run the previous steps 4 more times, and each time the numbers are offset by a certain word, to complete you have 5 random words from the list.

(5) during our experiment, we obtained the following numbers: 11231 و55661 و15664 و22232 و66144, which are offset by the following words: acidic وsubtly can’t close to an ice rink و555.

(6) When the words that we got connected, it becomes our password is: acidicsubtlycan, which is a word you need a calculation to more than 6 thousand years to computer decoding.

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