How to choose cheap cable for smartphone and tablet?

Who among us has not encountered problems with USB cables, so fast tired from the operation of that bending the ends turn into rags with wires sticking out? And who does not know the painful attempts to charge the phone with the ring wire, which, despite its uselessness, cost the same 300 rubles? Let’s see, finally, how to choose the perfect USB cord with which you can live happily ever after!

Build quality

Before you buy a cable, look at him: surface and joints must be smooth, with no protruding pieces of plastic and other irregularities, the plug is not loose. About quality and packing: if it is comfortable and durable, it is likely that the production of content was paid less attention. For example, all cables European brand Canyon or dense Packed in a rubberized package, or in a durable cardboard cover and beautiful double blister.

Metal braid

The most robust cables with a metal sheath, they are less confused, not are bent, not broken. These are more expensive than conventional, plastic-coated, but are twice as long and look more stylish. Recommend model USBC5 of the Canyon – with all the advantages of heavy-duty metal braid, tested multiple tests, it is much cheaper counterparts.

Fast charging

If you want to charge their devices quickly, choose a cable that supports Quick Charge. I advise you to choose the model USBC4 of the Canyon – it provides continuous charging with a current of 3A and a reliable manufacturer to ensure long working and safety of smartphones and tablets.


Not long enough cable? Buy extended. Model USBC2 from the Canyon has a length of 1.8 meters. Believe me, life will sparkle with new colors, when no longer need will be pressed into the wall next to the outlet.

Universal connector USB Type-C

Recently, the widespread specification of USB Type C – more and more manufacturers opt for this technology. Face it, what is its benefits. First the symmetry. USB Type C is the type of connector in which the cable can be inserted both sides, as in the case of Lightning for the iPhone. The second advantage is increased capacity, which allows to significantly reduce the charging time of devices and provides high speed data transfer.
The experts of Canyon forecast further development of this technology and concentrate their attention on it. Perhaps, very soon USB Type C will be the universal standard, and cables with this connector will be suitable to any Smart devices.

Nice stuff

Quickly find charging the phone in the dark will help the cable light and it’s not only a decorative function. Model USBC6 of the Canyon determines the ability of the device to fast charge, and with a special chip that gives a maximum current. Smart-illumination shows blue color, if there is fast charging, red in the case of the standard speed, and when the gadget is charged – the owner would know it by the dull green glow.

Compatible with Apple

If the original cables from the iPhone is worn out and can no longer perform their duties, it is advised to look for a new among the manufacturers licensed by Apple. They must have special chips that will charge your smartphone even after upgrading the system. Look for packages labeled MFI (Made For iPhone/iPod/iPad), and the manufacturer name in the list on the Apple website.

Cables from questionable manufacturers not worth buying: not to mention the fact that it is dangerous for the phone, 50% of them fail in the next couple of months.

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