How to clean headphones AirPods and shipping the right way?

Headphones AirPods may know by the secretions of the ear wax that are released naturally, as well as the cargo tray may be for any reason, here we will you how to deal with it in order to consider headphones AirPods precious in a correct manner without causing damage.كيفية تنظيف سماعات AirPods وعلبة الشحن بطريقة صحيحة؟

Retain the headphones AirPods clean may occupy their owners especially if they use them continuously and become unclean with the use. Here are the following guidelines set by Apple to communicate with it via its official website.

A way to organize headphones AirPods / AirPods Pro

  • Never put the fish under water to clean them.
  • You can use a piece of soft dry cloth lint free for cleaning.
  • Clean the mesh of the microphone and headphones with dry cotton pads.
  • Do not use a PIN or any pointed instrument or a sharp for the organization of the heavens.

In the event the heavens to leave a mark or cause damage available, such as: soap, shampoo, cosmetics, fragrances, products, hair dye, oils, met, etc., follow the following:

  • Wipe well with a damp cloth (moistened slightly in fresh water)
  • Dry it with a soft cloth free of lint.
  • While it doesn’t make any drop of water seep to the heavens.
  • Be sure to dry them completely before putting them in the cargo tray, or use.

For for AirPods Pro there are rubber plugs for the ear, and can be removed and cleaned with water and then dried well and put her in her place hearing range.

Clean inbox shipping

What applies to the heavens as we mentioned previously also applies to the cargo tray for the instructions to be followed and caveats that must be avoided, in addition:

  • Can clean the charging port with a soft brush and dry.
  • Must not cause water to charging port or any of the metal parts of the phenomenon.
  • Do not ship the cargo tray, or use it to charge the sky and only after making sure of being completely dry.

Remember that headphones AirPods product price at the same time very fragile, so be gentle during the cleaning process as much as possible, and not destroyed because the headphones are not repairable in any way.

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