How to clear the cache on your iPad to make it work faster

Like any computer, uses the iPad’s memory space reserved – allows cache – to store information that you have used recently.

Ideally, this will increase the speed of your iPad by giving the device quick access to it when needed. But if you notice that your iPad has been slow recently, or if it misbehaves somehow, it may be one of the solutions available is by clearing the cache.

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There are two types of cache that can be cleared: first, are those used by your web browser (Safari), and second, is the cache for your applications.

Clear browser cache Safari on your iPad

1) open the Settings app, then tap “Safari”.

2) Click the “Clear History and website data” and Clear History and Website Data.

مسح ذاكرة التخزين المؤقت على جهاز iPad

3) make sure that you want to do this by clicking “clear” in the dialog box “Clear History and data”.

After a moment, you will clear the cache of the browser. This will regain the space used by the cache and delete information site that says your iPad stored temporarily.

Clear the cache for apps on your iPad

1) open the Settings app.

2) Click “general”, then click “iPad Storage”. You will page iPad Storage space used on the iPad through the different types of applications. (It may take a minute or two until it appears that, where the iPad account the empty space and used).

3) another solution to clear this memory. Recommended to delete apps that you rarely use or delete the videos or email attachments. If you want to save space, you can experience one or more of these options.

مسح ذاكرة التخزين المؤقت على جهاز iPad

4) See the applications installed on your iPad – are arranged from largest at top to smallest at the bottom in terms of space.

5) Click one of the applications that you want to clear. Note that the app’s details page shows you the space taken by the app, as well as the space that is consumed by its data.

At this stage, you have several options:

Click “Delete app” to uninstall the application (ignoring any application data in the cache). Then go to the App Store and prepared to install the application.

You’ll get a new version of the app without a data store. You can do this even for the paid-without paying for it again.

This is a good option if the app itself is relatively small contrary to its statements that may be consuming a large space.

مسح ذاكرة التخزين المؤقت على جهاز iPad

Click “Cancel download the app” Offload App to uninstall the application with respect to its data on your iPad. This may be a good idea if the application itself is too large and need to regain the space, but you may want to re-install it at another time and continue to use the existing data.

One exception is the Photos app. You will not be allowed operating system iOS uninstall it, but you can click on the “Enable” Enable to allow the app to save photos in a smaller size, which saves you much space.

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