How to close WhatsApp your fingerprint without apps

After long months, you probably don’t know a lot of users of Android that WhatsApp has become offers the option to lock the app with the fingerprint of the finger, or at least as for the users of the pilot version (Beta) of the app, and soon will be available water for all.

It is estimated that the feature works on devices that come equipped with the fingerprint; and above all, you should prepare the fingerprint to lock the main machine, which will rely on WhatsApp.

You will see that the service activation process is very intuitive, where you will find the option under privacy settings; the steps are as follows:

1 – Click on the list of three points the top right of the screen, and select Settings

2 – Click on the option first is “account”. In the next page, click again on the first option which is “privacy,” or as placed images to a user of the English language.

3. under the privacy page, drag down until you find the option to lock your fingerprint or “Fingerprint lock” and you only need to click on it and activate it in the next page.

4 – after that, you will be WhatsApp to confirm your fingerprint as a user of the device, the wearer must pass your finger saved on the device on the fingerprint sensor to scan and confirm your identity.

5. finally, ask WhatsApp about options to secure the account, do you want to open WhatsApp every time the imprint of the finger? And how long it takes for the app until it closes itself automatically? Do you want to hide the content of notifications from the app? Choose what you like.

Thus will be to protect your WhatsApp account fingerprint, note that the water available (or will be available) for devices running Android 6 What latest.

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