How to configure and run the miner Funakoshi 144.5 Cuda Miner? Walkthrough

February for Ethereum issued heavy. The amount of compensation in the network already managed to refresh historical low, and the time the unit crossed the mark of 20 seconds. Besides, soon there will be hardwork Constantinople, which will reduce the reward per block from 3 to 2 ETH. Not all miners are pleased that is happening, so looking for alternative coins. A great option — a cryptocurrency on algorithm Equihash 144.5. Today deal with Funakoshi 144.5 Cuda, one of the coolest miners for Bitcoin Gold, BitcoinZ, ZelCash and other projects.

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What Funakoshi 144.5 Cuda Miner

Funakoshi — miner for Nvidia cards. The product is popular, updated regularly. The most current version is v5.2. Of the competitors to note miniZ and EWBF Miner.

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That mine on Funakoshi 144.5 Cuda Miner

As the name suggests, Funakoshi works with the algorithm Equihash 144.5, which is protected from the effects of ASIC-miners. This means that with its help it will be able to dig Bitcoin Gold, BitcoinZ, ZelCash and Safecoin. The algorithm parameter choice ANON, but contact with him is not recommended.

The performance of Funakoshi miner

As emphasized by the developers in the logs the updates, update to version v5.2 increased efficiency of mining algorithm Equihash 144.5 0.5 percent. The number is unlikely to surprise someone, but it is necessary to look at the context of the overall card performance. Here she is.

Nvidia GTX 1060 6 GB — sol 26-31/s;
Nvidia GTX 1070 — 37-45 sol/s;
Nvidia GTX 1080 — 47-56 sol/s;
Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti — sol 66-75/s;

Where to download Funakoshi miner

The latest releases Funakoshi 144.5 Cuda Miner downloadable on GitHub.

How to set Funakoshi 144.5 Cuda Miner

To make the miner work easy. For example, look like that .bat file for mining the Bitcoin Gold for the pool 2Miners.

funakoshiMiner.exe --algo 144_5 --pers --BgoldPoW server --port 4040 --user YOUR_ADDRESS.RIG_ID --pass x

Don’t forget to enter the address of your wallet and specify suitable names for rigs. For this we use the Latin alphabet, digits, and characters “-” and “_”.

After running .bat file will start mining.

Source: Funakoshi Miner

Soon after hammering your wallet in the line “Address miner” at the top of the page and look at statistics.

Source: 2Miners

Some time later, see the following picture.

Source: 2Miners

You can also search for the desired data window payout pool.

Source: 2Miners

The list of most profitable coins for mining in 2019 is the link. Ask a question to the miners and like-minded succeed in this chat.

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