How to configure and run the miner lolMiner? Detailed guidance

In July, the developers ZelCash held hardford called Kamiooka. Update with the new algorithm ZelHash that delivered the network of cryptocurrency ASIC and FPGA cards. Since ZEL is regularly in the top profitability of mining, and this confirms the calculator 2CryptoCalc. If you have AMD, dig the coin better with lolMiner, which also suitable for other algorithms. Get to know him.

By the way, ZelCash ranked first in profitability of mining even today. In the screenshot — day result for three hundred 1070 Nvidia Ti. ZelCash bypasses the Beam, Zcoin and Ethereum. In his example, and analyze the work of a miner.

Source: 2CryptoCalc

The contents

What is lolMiner

lolMiner — miner-enabled algorithms Equihash and Cuckatoo. The program is designed for the “red” video cards, that is, from AMD. Support most “green” cards from Nvidia too, but the stability and speed lolMiner at them in question. It is warned by the developers on the project page on the forum BitcoinTalk.

As everywhere, the developers do not work for free. The Commission is 1 percent, that is, one day your hardware will work on the makers of the software a little more than 14 minutes. From miner PhoenixMiner figure is 0.65 per cent, only it is positioned as “the fastest Ethereum/Ethash-miner with the lowest Commission.” And indeed it is.

That mine on lolMiner? A list of supported algorithms

The miner supports multiple algorithms. List them and also indicate the precise amount of graphics card memory, which is relevant for the latest version of the program is 0.8.8.

  • Equihash 96.5 — MinexCoin — 1.3 GB;
  • Equihash 144.5 — Bitcoin Gold, BitcoinZ, SnowGem — 1.8 GB;
  • Equihash 125.4 — ZelCash — 2.9 GB;
  • Equihash 150.5 — Beam — 2.7 GB;
  • Equihash 192.7 — Zero, Genesis Network — 3 GB;
  • Equihash 210.9 — Aion — 1 GB;
  • Cuckarood 29 — Grin — 3.8/5.5 GB;
  • Cuckatoo 31 — Grin — 3.8/7.8 GB.

The miner is actively supported by the developers and updates come out on time. For example, in the latest update, the creators have removed the algorithm BeamHash I, which is no longer relevant after the holding of hard forks Beam. They also improved the performance of Nvidia cards when working with this coin. Although Beam we recommend you to use Gminer — regardless of the manufacturer of your video card.

Heraty cards on lolMiner

We tested the Nvidia on lolMiner. The results are as follows:

  • Nvidia GTX 1060 — 15 sol/s;
  • Nvidia GTX 1070 — 23-25 sol/s;
  • Nvidia GTX 1070 ti — 26 sol/s;
  • Nvidia GTX 1080 — 21-24 sol/s;
  • Nvidia GTX 1080 ti — 40 sol/s.

Hasrat really unstable. It is better to use lolMiner on purpose — that is for AMD GPUs. Here heraty for the “red” cards.

  • AMD Radeon RX 4GB 480 — 15-16 sol/s;
  • AMD Radeon RX 570 — 14.5-15 sol/s;
  • AMD Radeon RX 580 8 G — 26 sol/s.

Important point: usually on AMD most profitable mine Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Sometimes shoot other coins (like same ZelCash) but Ethereum for AMD is a win-win. Pick the most profitable cryptocurrency at any time will help calculator 2CryptoCalc.

Where to download lolMiner

Program take on the official page on BitcoinTalk. Is there another easier way is to download ready archive with all needed files. Password 2miners.

Source: 2Биткоина

See also: mining on an Nvidia GTX and GTX 1660 1660 Ti. How many bring card and how long pay off?

How to set lolMiner

Show an example of setting lolMiner for the extraction ZelCash on mining-pool 2Miners. It looks like content .the. bat file.


lolMiner.exe coin –ZEL –pool –port 9090 –user YOUR_ADDRESS.RIG_ID –pass x

Also, do not forget to change YOUR_ADDRESS to your wallet address that the coins went right for you.

For example, t1JKRwXGfKTGfPV1z48rvoLyabk31z3xwha.

Right behind him is RIG_ID is the desired name of the farm. Useful for those who have several of them. Use not more 32 characters in the Latin alphabet, digits, and characters “-” and “_”.

For example, rig-1.

And here is the video for easy perception of information.

After you set up and run .the bat file will see similar.

Source: lolMiner

Then you can look yourself in the tab “Miners online”.

Source: 2Miners

The final step is finding your address in the payments window. Coins will be assessed after some time.

Source: 2Miners

If you still have questions, look into cryptcat miners. We have a well!


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