How to configure shared clipboard on Android and Mac

Convenience and advancement the Apple ecosystem is recognized not only by fans of the brand, but also the leadership of the competitors. One of those who has declared her superiority, was the founder and CEO of Huawei Ren Jenifa, which is not ashamed to admit that the technique he prefers Apple and buys it for their loved ones, as it provides significantly more flexibility to pair your iPhone and Mac. Apparently, the owner just didn’t know that Android smartphones are working with computers on macOS is not worse.

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Technology Continuity which provides the opportunity to use some of the functions of a smartphone on the computer recently expanded their influence on Android. Activation is done via KDE Connect, which although was developed without the participation of Apple combines the Mac and Android into a full-fledged ecosystem, which lacked users “green robot”.

What can KDE Connect

  • To run commands on your Mac from your smartphone;
  • To view the battery level of connected devices and accessories;
  • To beep to find your lost smart phone;
  • To share clipboard and share files;
  • You can control the volume and media playback;
  • To view notifications from your smartphone on your Mac.

How to link Android and Mac

  • Install KDE Connect on your Mac with the macOS version 10.14;
  • Extract the image and move the shortcut of the utility in the folder “Applications“;
  • Install KDE Connect on your Android smartphone;
  • Run the tool and connect your Android smartphone to Mac via Bluetooth.

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After a connection in the status bar on the Mac icon will appear in the smartphone. Clicking on it brings up a context menu, which is available few basic settings to activate the sound signal to search apparatus before transmitting the file over the air. If necessary, you can go to settings and configure KDE Connect as you need it.

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