How to connect a PlayStation 4 controller from any other console with your Android smartphone

Touch control for mobile games — it’s not always convenient. Perhaps it is poorly implemented, developers, and it is possible to control the gadget is so difficult because of his size. Instead of torturing yourself and your fingers, why not look to a more traditional and convenient way to manage and do not connect to your smartphone or tablet gamepad? Moreover, what to do is very simple and you can use almost any game controller.

You can connect many types of controller to Android device via USB or Bluetooth, including the Xbox One, PS4 and even the Nintendo Switch. Let’s start in order.

Connecting controller to Android via USB

If you want to connect any USB controller and start playing games on Android, you will need a cable USB-OTG. However, the OTG-USB can be use not only for games but also for a number of other devices via USB. So that thing in the management is highly desired. As a rule, almost all devices work without problems using this cable. Simply connect your controller with your phone and locate it in the list ustroit.

Connecting controller Xbox One\PS4 to Android via Bluetooth

However much easier it would be to do without wires, right? If you are using a gamepad of the Xbox One\PS4, first make sure the controller is fully charged and your gaming console is turned off. If you do not, the controller will remain paired with the console, which means that you can’t do a pairing with your Android device.

Then on your smartphone go to “Settings” — “Connected device” — “connection Settings” > “Bluetooth” — “Pairing new device”. The controller, naturally, need to include and translate in the appropriate mode. To do this hold down the sync button on the Xbox One controller, PS4 controller and hit the PlayStation button and Share at the same time. After that, the gadgets will appear in the list on your smartphone. You can create a couple.

Connecting controller Nintendo Switch to Android via Bluetooth

Surprisingly, your Android device can even connect a Nintendo controller from the Switch. You can either sync one Joy-Con separately or both at once. To synchronize the collected Joy-Con, you’ll need a USB-OTG cable, which we have already mentioned. Unfortunately, to use a gamepad “on the air” will not work. After synchronization of the “whole” Joy-Con, you can disconnect one part of it and use it separately.

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