How to connect a USB flash drive, hard drive and other accessories to your Android smartphone

Smartphones running Android can be used for listening to music, watching movies, playing games and so on. But a huge multimedia capabilities of modern gadgets don’t stop there. But the phone can connect a variety of devices. Want to know what else can your Android smartphone? Now we will tell you about it.

All you need to do is make sure that your smartphone has started to act as a USB host. For this we need a USB OTG cable. But beyond that, your phone must support this feature. How to know whether your compatible device with USB OTG? Elementary. For this you will need USB Host Diagnostics. She is determined automatically in the case of “positive response” from the program, you can begin to expand the functionality of the smartphone.

Connect pendrive and hard disk

All USB-compatible devices can be used without additional “bells and whistles” if they do not require additional power. The fact is that when you connect an external hard drive to laptop or PC the disc itself is powered by the computer. The same is true when connecting to phone on Android. However, most smartphones are not capable of producing as much energy as the computer. As a rule, they are limited to a capacity of 0.5 A. In this case, the drive can be powered from an external power source. With flash cards of such problems usually arise.

In addition, the storage device must be FAT32 format. Media NTFS is not recognized by the phone.

Connecting a mouse or keyboard

This is one of the most interesting ways to use USB OTG. You can connect your smartphone or tablet with the peripheral devices such as a mouse or keyboard, which you can then use to control. There are some limitations – for example, gaming mouse with many extra buttons may not be fully compatible and some keys will not work.

Just plug in a USB mouse and you’ll automatically see the cursor on the screen. Well, the connection of the keyboard will allow you to print. For the simultaneous use of these accessories, you can connect them via USB hub.

Connect a game controller

If you are fond of mobile games, then good news for you is that you can use USB OTG to connect gamepads. In addition, wireless controllers can be connected with your smartphone via Bluetooth, which we wrote earlier.

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