How to connect gaming consoles PS4 and Xbox One devices iPad, phones, iPhone

Provided Apple update iOS 13 the latter features more users in games, which comes on top streaming service new games Apple Arcade already launched on the 19th of September, which comes with support to use the gaming console wireless with the PS4 and Xbox One on both phones the iPhone and the iPad.

Limited support of iOS system in the previous console games designed Apple MFi for iPhone, so I didn’t support the iOS platform controllers in wireless gaming both the PS4 and Xbox One during the financial period, except that the iOS update 13 feet for the first time to support the units were designed from other companies, is expected to come Update iPadOS 13 also water itself.

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Can now connect the console PS4 Dualshocks and Xbox One devices iPad, phones, iPhone, so does not support the feature of pairing units check the wireless gaming unit Nintendo Switch Pro in the meantime, also continue to support the unit MFi.

On the other hand, do not come all of the games with the support of the controllers wireless, but that the games that will support controllers wireless in-store Arcade games store will come with that is shown in the following images.

Steps to connect the controllers of the PS4 and Xbox One phone iPhone or iPad

  • Check support your phone for pairing

You can in the beginning to start checking support the iPhone or the iPad for pairing controllers be wireless, and support the water most of the versions of the phones iPhone.

Also different controllers Xbox One, but a model that supports the feature pairing via Bluetooth comes with the number 1708, or know Xbox One console S, and can verify the model via the console buttons, where the buttons of the control unit the new design the example more transparent, differs from the design of adult acute previous versions.

From the other side confirms Apple to all units of the PS4 Dualshock support a feature pairing with iPhone or iPad several model that carries the code CUH-ZCT1U only, so you won’t find users have difficulty in connecting the unit to the PS4 Dualshock.

  • Connect the controllers with the iPhone and iPad wirelessly

You can start the pairing between the iPhone or iPad when you by adjusting the devices to pairing mode and then on the console Xbox One will be the prolonged pressure on the top button that starts the button starts to flash rapidly.

In the console, the Dualshock 4 will be on the user prolonged pressure on each of the buttons Share and PS at the same time so that shows a flicker of white in the top bar of the console.

Also upon completion of the pairing between phones the iPhone and the iPad, gaming consoles, you can move to Settings and then list the Bluetooth, it will appear a list of devices associated pain or the iPad, where the user will click and select console to call, where Mark will appear when you complete conjugations.


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