How to control your TV with your smartphone

The TV remote is one of those things that is constantly lost and in order to find it, need to move the interior, see fell the remote under the pillow, not whether he flew under the sofa and so on. But this can be easily avoided, because a long time ago there are apps that can easily turn your smartphone into a remote control for the TV, and even other home devices.

Who needs a remote control when you have a smartphone?

In any case, just want to note that in order to have got take advantage of the following apps, your TV must be Smart TV. Or to the TV must be connected to the console like Google Chromecast or something like that. Simply put, your TV must have wireless data communication interfaces like Wi-Fi to a smartphone app “friends” with the TV. By the way, it would be interesting to know what are the options of Smart TV you are using. Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

The contents

Android TV Remote is a Simple and convenient remote control

Android TV Remote is a universal app to control your home TV. The remote works with virtually any TV. The basic layout of the remote is pretty simple. First off is the 4 buttons for navigation, and secondly- it virtual keyboard, and the third is the possibility of voice control. The app connects to the TV via LAN or Bluetooth. With this Android TV Remote can be used to control other devices that are in the same Wi-Fi network.

And immediately say a few words about the program Amazon Fire TV Remote. Yes, in our country, the gadgets that Amazon is not very popular, but if you are one of those few enthusiasts who have purchased the console Amazon Fire, then you have a special application that will allow to do without the remote.

Download: Android TV Remote

Download: Amazon Fire TV Remote

Universal TV Remote Control — Universal remote control

Application Universal TV Remote Control can send commands to more than 300 different models of televisions. But that’s not all. Even if your TV is not in the list of supported devices, Universal TV Remote Control anyway, and not leave you in the lurch. The program has a universal remote with custom buttons and virtual touch-panel. All this will give you the opportunity to forget about the serial console and use a smartphone. All you need is to connect your smartphone and TV to the same Wi-Fi network.

Download: Universal TV Remote Control

Peel smart remote To control the TV and not only

Peel smart remote is one universal remote control TV, but with a much more concise and nice design. In addition to the rather large number of supported models and opportunities of working with “unknown” program with TV, there’s TV guide. However, most of the content, which will advise the program, in English. On the other hand, a considerable number of people now starting to watch shows, movies and TV shows in the original language. So these users option can be very useful.

In addition, the Peel smart remote can control not only the “box”, and TV set-top boxes, air conditioners and other smart devices you have at home. It’s a pretty cool feature.

Download: Peel smart remote

SURE Universal remote — Control all devices in the house

This app works as a universal remote that can give commands to different devices. And in the list of supported devices here there are not only various electrical appliances, but also quite interesting gadgets. For example, smart column. In addition, SURE Universal remote can be integrated into the ‘smart home’ system and generally manage everything around from all smartphone.

Download: SURE Universal remote

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