How to convert any video on the YouTube image animated GIF

Granted the social media sites popular and widespread large animated pictures GIF, we have become an enormous variety available daily clips dramas, movies, movies and cartoons, which criticize the current situation with irony and comedic.

And the spread of GIF animations and the Directorate in the appearance of the tools are extremely easy to obtain a moving image of any video clip, without the need to program complicated or expensive, you can simply see one of these tools on the Internet to get the motion pictures that you want easily.

Among the methods of converting any video clip to animated image GIF, is the access to the site giphy, and prepare a video from YouTube to get the animations from the screenshots.

(1) initially, select the video you want to convert the footage to animated GIFs, whether this video on YouTube or keep it on your computer.

(2) Enter on the website giphy, and his main page, press Create at the top left, to page GIF Maker.

(3) Now you can enter a video to the site, if you keep the video on your device, by pressing the “choose video” to Choose Video (note that the duration of the video submitted must not be more than 60 seconds), or you can put the title of the video on YouTube in the line Designated Add Any URL.

(4) We now obtain video from YouTube, and copy us the link address, then paste it on the site giphy, free site automatically to the new page, on the left of the video, and on the right analysis tools for animated images.

(5) controls a phenomenon in front of you, you can first determine the time spent on the animation in seconds for Duration, both by moving the ruler to the slider or enter the number manually.

(6) the ruler slider, the other can select the theme the beginning of the motion picture, which is not required of course to start the animation from the beginning of the video, often we need to image moving from the middle of the video not the beginning. Now choose the beginning of the Moving Picture in the location you want.

(7) now press the persistence of Continue to Decorate, and the website will do the image animation to the specifications of the chosen, as it will give you the possibility to put other additives, such as adding text and the text decomposed.

(8) after the expiration of the site of the work of the motion picture, press on the continuation of the Continue to Upload, where you can post animated picture on the website giphy or share them via social networking sites or save them to use in the time you want.

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