How to convert PDF file to Excel document quickly and easily

Does not mean that your colleague at work when he sends you a PDF file instead of the Excel document that you want – that you should abide by them, in this article, we’ll show you how to convert PDF file to Excel document using a few quick and easy steps, and we’ll let you know even some of the different ways to do this.

The best reader apps files الـPDF for Android


As one of the apps to read and edit PDF files the leader in the world, is Adobe Acrobat DC one of the most common methods to convert a PDF file to Excel document, is a paid application, but fortunately, there is a free trial version, so if you are just looking for procedure to convert a PDF file to Excel document to one, this method works wonderfully, and you can do this through some steps, namely:

  • Step 1: Download the trial version of Adobe Acrobat to DC for seven days and then install it.
  • Step 2: open the software and select the tab Tools.
  • Step 3: Click the icon to export the PDF Export.

Step 4: Click Select File and select the PDF file you want to convert from the window that will appear in front of you, then after that, select the data table from the list of export options and decided whether you want to format Excel Workbook (.xlsx) format or an XML Spreadsheet 2003 (.xml)

Step 5: if you want to adjust the settings, close Excel final, click on the cog icon in the right side of your choice, where you can choose the number of worksheets that have been created, as well as icons that are used as separators of the data.

Step 6: when you are satisfied with your settings, click the Export button Export.

Step 7: Select where you want to save the Excel document to the new by either to choose one of the modern complexes in the stomach, or click on the button to choose a different folder, Different Folder, and then in the file browser popup, click Save Save.

It is worth mentioning that based on the complexity of your data set and speed of your computer, it is possible to wait a short while making the conversion, once completed, will open an Excel document New automatically, we now analyze the PDF file officially to the Excel document.

Use the web application free

If you can’t install applications on your system or prefer instead to have the remote server bears the brunt of the work for you, you can convert PDF file to Excel document online instead, although there are a number of converters online there, the file our favorite is because it is free and clean interface and do its work quickly.

It is important to note that, despite a pledge remove all files within six hours of the analysis and look at the contents of your files, but you still send it to a remote server, so if you are dealing with important data, consider a local solution instead, and you can follow the steps to convert a PDF file to an Excel document via

Step 1: open a browser window and go to

Step 2: Click the button “download Upload ” and select the PDF file you have chosen, or drag it and enter it in the selected area.

Step 3: you will see a progress bar appear for the same load, followed by another bar of the conversion process, therefore, if you are working with a large group of PDF files and / or data, may take these steps for some time, but in general the process must be quick, once completed, click the Download button free Free Download.

Now! Is convert your PDF file to an Excel document (.xlsx), which you can open it and edit it in Excel to the content that you want.


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