How to convert PDF to text on Mac

Many users do not realize what a vast possibilities provides such a powerful tool like Automator. At first glance, the program is quite complex to learn, but understand, you can see that the control is pretty intuitive and clear. Today we tell about the service, which allows you to quickly convert a PDF file to a plain text document.

In order to convert PDF document to plain text, users often resort to tools from third-party developers, since the built-in macOS do the impossible. However, this is not necessarily — if there is such a powerful tool like Automator.

  • You must run the app to automate actions in any convenient way;

  • In the “document Type” select “Program”;

  • Now we need to find a process “to Request objects Finder”. For this we can use search;

  • Referring again to the search and find the item “Extract PDF text”;
  • That’s about it. As necessary, you can make your settings. Saved the resulting script.

Now, when you have the necessity to transfer PDF file to plain text, just run the program. You will need to specify the source file. After a few seconds, we will be able to see on the desktop of the end result.

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Note that this conversion method is not suitable for all PDF documents. Files with a large abundance of images, like magazines, can be digitized correctly. However, when converting the technical documentation or books, no problems should arise.

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