How to convert video Facebook to MP3 without software

Feature convert any video on Facebook platform don’t need to software or apps, where is easy to convert any video whatever its size on the page of social networking through the sites support this feature online, which sites do not need to water something on the user to deal with, where the simplicity of the conversion options away from the programmes concerned.

Participated for the networking sites

Looking for more of a professional set-up videos in MP3 format away from the social media platform, he can use the program Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder is one of the best programs that offer a lot of tools to convert videos, whether on Facebook or any platform facing the other, this program also works to record sounds through the microphone, and allows you to edit audio files, plus it lets you search for any audio file stored on your device to select it thus offers the advantage of access to files with the utmost confidentiality.


How to convert video Facebook to MP3 without software

Site MP3hub one of the sites that facilitate the user to convert videos Facebook to the MP3 format, and ensures the user to keep the original quality, and therefore not affected by the video after the conversion at all, just all what you need to achieve the video that is doing the following :

  • Log in to the site MP3hub
  • After that, go to the Facebook platform and then copy the link of your video from the top of the Facebook page.
  • After that, paste the link copied in the search box on the site.
  • You may be asked to make sure you’re not a robot by performing a simple test do it to prove you are.
  • After that select the version you want it MP3.
  • ” You can convert a certain part of the video if you want by defining the starting point and the end point in the select list below.
  • Then click on the download video of Download.


Video Converter through the site FBGrab online

Also fbgrab is a easy to use and help a lot of company, just what is required to convert the video into MP3 format, and has a feature to convert video more than other formats, such as MP4 format, and to download video from Facebook to MP3 follow the following :

  • Open the site first then copy the link to the video on Facebook.
  • Then paste the link in the Box website.
  • And press to confirm.
  • After the appearance of the result in the video image name, and thumbnail, click on the download on your device.


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