How to convert video from DVD to MP4

How to convert video from DVD to MP4

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In case you have a DVD video or a certain movie, you will most likely need to convert video from DVD to MP4 to view this video or movie on other devices without having to this disc, whether DVD or ISO. But the question here is: Can I use the content from the DVD’s? Does this have any effect on quality? The answer is “no” because there are advanced programs let you do this easily and quickly extract video the same quality.

كيفية تحويل الفيديو من DVD الى MP4

Is WinX DVD Ripper Platinum a software program that converts video from and to the hunting mentioned in the other formula other, where you can use it to convert any DVD or ISO to any video format to another between the formats supported such as: MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEG, H. 264, MOV so as to compatible this format with your Android phone / iPhone or device that you want to watch video on it, or just save these videos to your device or cloud service, with the same accuracy and quality of the original disk.

How to convert video from DVD to MP4 through the program WinX DVD Ripper

When you install WinX DVD Ripper Platinum and run it on your computer, you will notice that the interface of the program explain itself, which shows the ease of use of the program, on the right side of the program there is a section dedicated to video processing .

  • All you have to do is click the “disk to Disk ” or “picture Image ” or “folder Folder ” from the select the disk you want to convert.
  • After the software to recognize the video recorded on the disc, will start to show it in front of you on the main interface.
  • Then a window will appear Output Profile is also where you can specify the video format in accordance with any device from the side menu, such as the Android, Iphone and Microsoft .
  • Or you can specify the format of the General Profiles.
  • When you determine the format be sure to click the bar to choose the resolution to HQ and LQ to obtain the best quality.

كيفية تحويل الفيديو من DVD الى MP4

Important advantages in the program you can get

  • Before confirming the conversion formula video can take advantage of additional features of the program to download the video.
  • You can click the “Edit” button and from the window that will appear you can cut part unwanted the video.
  • You can reset the start time / end video full .
  • You can add subtitle files SRT, or you can edit the audio file to improve quality.
  • In general you can explore more options to get the best results.



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