How to copy text from a photo using Chrome for Android

To find hidden features in Google Chrome — simple. Those who regularly read us, know that they are hiding in the experimental menu, and will remember how to get there. On my personal feelings this section is hidden several hundreds of functions that or wait until Google decides to implement them, or intended only for developers and site owners, and therefore will not be available ever. Anyway, but to find among them something useful is a challenge we periodically manage to solve it.

Hidden Google Chrome features

One of the useful features of Google Chrome that we have found in the experimental menu with flags is the ability to define the text on the photos. Thanks to her, can not even use Google Lens, which, according to my personal experience, often make mistakes in the transcription, though in Russian, though the English-language text, and works not on all devices.

How to teach Chrome to determine text on photos

  • To enable transcription, open the page chrome://flags;
  • In the opened window look for an option Experimental Web Platform features and activate it;
  • Restart your browser by clicking on the Relaunch button that appears at the bottom;

Experimental Chrome features

  • Locate the image, the inscriptions on which you want to convert to text;
  • Go to;

How to translate images to text

  • Load the previously saved image, and click and select “Send”;
  • After a split second on the screen appears the text presented in the image, which you can copy and paste into a text document.

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The described methodology of transformation of the inscriptions on the images in the text difficult to name comfortable. Besides, if the photos are not only text, but also depicted other objects, Chrome can get confused and allow in the final version a number of bugs that you will have to be corrected manually in a text editor. However, as an auxiliary tool, for example, to translate text from photos this feature is for you.

How to recognize text on pictures

However, if the implementation does not suit you, you can always contact the Google Photos. He recently got support for a similar function that allows you to copy the inscriptions in the photos. However, because the definition of the text meets Google Lens sometimes recognition is inaccurate. When talking about Russian texts, the service may randomly replace the hard sign and soft to use instead of the letter “y” the letter “and” and so on. With English lyrics such problems are not observed.

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