How to count ducks and not to stray

The truth is, that there are similar apps in Google Play I didn’t even know. What “Counter” and most importantly — why? After downloading the application, everything fell into place.

Imagine the situation when you need something to count. For example, the number present at the meeting, the forum and so on. Use cases. The main advantage is that now you do not need to consider anything in mind. First, you can easily lose and have to re-consider, second, the application speeds up the counting process due to easy interaction.

No need to click on the “ + ” button. In application settings there is a feature that allows you to bind software buttons to hardware buttons of loudness. You can not look into the device to make calculation. Comfortable? Of course.

Of course, for isolated cases to set the app makes no sense, however, if the profession involves frequent calculations, this application will be useful.

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Application: Counter
Developer: Roman Tsukanov
Category: Tools
Version: Depends on device
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

Application already interested in: 66 people

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