How to create a backup copy of the talks WhatsApp and time

We all can application WhatsApp both to communicate with friends or even for work, has been we would sometimes like to change our phones, but we don’t want to lose our important, so we’ll stop today on the way to backup via Service Google Drive for Android phones.

How do you make a backup copy of messages that WhatsApp on the Google Drive.

Launch WhatsApp, tap menu, tap Settings, tap Chats


1 – run the application WhatsApp

2. click on the MENU button in the three points

3 – Click on Settings

4 – Press on conversations

5. choose make a backup copy of the messages

6 – Open the settings of Google Drive.

7 – Press on the account

8 – Select the account which will save your conversations you have and add it in the case of lack of it

9 – Click on allow

Tap Chat backup, tap Google Drive settings, tap Account, tap the account you want to back up to

10 – click on backup and then choose to backup via WiFi

11 – press the embed videos to back it up also

12. click on the backup manually to start to copy your messages to Google Drive immediately

How many conversations WhatsApp from Google Drive on the new phone or the same phone

Verify your phone number, tap restore, next

1 – run the WhatsApp

2 – confirm your phone number

3 – Press restore

4 – Click on Next when you are finished to restore the messages

Set up profile, tap next, continue

5 – fill in your data

6 – Click on next at the top right of the screen then click on continue

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