How to create a backup of all your files Android and time

It is true that there is a way to copy the data to Android devices backed up and restored quickly, the cost to go to setting backup and restore the border to apply the settings of the various modern Android devices, then activate the automatic backup and return to the same option to restore the files when they are lost, but they don’t save all the files on the internal memory often, as the process itself may cause loss of some files, so we will give you a way to copy all the files on Android devices, including the applications installed in a manner that is safe and effective without the need for root.

Before anything, we’re in the backup computer software program Android SDK, as recommended in Computer active throughout the process, which can be executed by heading to Settings > Display > sleep and choose the largest possible period of time.

Steps to backup all files to Android

The first step: turn on USB debugging

Head to Settings > System > about phone > Tap on the version number several times until it appears the developer option within the menu system > activate developer option and drag down to USB debugging and activate it.

The third step: the implementation of the backup

1 – Connect the phone to the computer via a USB cable.

2. Use the program Command Prompt or Terminal to navigate to the file where ADB tools that you downloaded, then look for ADB devices.

3 – A window will appear with the Android device requesting permission to communicate with the computer, grant it, then supposed to be the computer on an Android device.

4 – type the command: “adb backup-apk-shared -all-f <filepath>/backup.ab“ window Command Prompt.

5 – will appear on your phone the backup window full backup where you can data encryption enter a password.

6 – either you have to enter a password or not, click on the button to copy my data Back up my data on the right, and wait several minutes to complete version.

Steps to restore data

Follow the first 3 steps of the implementation of the backup, and then type the following command in the fourth step: “adb restore <filepath>/backup.ab“, then will show your phone window data recovery, where you will be asked the password if you have been appointed, by clicking on the button restore data Restore my data starts to be restored in a process that takes several minutes.

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