How to create a professional resume on Microsoft Word


Can be pressed on the Send button when sending your resume to a potential employer a pleasant experience. We are here to show you how to create a resume using Microsoft Word and provide some tips on access to the best resume professional so you can press the Send button with confidence.

Microsoft Word offers a set of templates for resumes, which have some good and some not so, the following will show you some styles of resumes which you can choose from:

The easiest ways to write a resume your own CV online

Open the Word file. Once you’ve made it, you will be greeted using several different models to choose from, ranging from the level of a simple blank, or letters cover, or CVS, or even Flyers seasonal. And then clicking on the link “resumes letters of cover” below the search box to watch these kinds of templates only.


Now, you will see all styles biography offered by various Word. There are a lot of styles and different colors to choose what suits you among them, so choose what looks best for you. And if you scroll down the list a bit, you will also see some resume templates that are designed for different purposes – such as resume style, at the beginner level or chronology.

Some templates already exist in الـWord; the others you can download it quickly in a way free download of when clicking Create a resume, you will allow the Word to know the size of the download (if it needs to download the template). Click on the “Generate” button and after a few seconds, you’ll become in your level and ready for download.


That’s all there is to it! But what if you don’t find a resume do you prefer? Fortunately, Word has a few formatting tools to help you in the drafting of a CV the perfect.

  • Drafting a resume in Microsoft Word

Before you start doing this, it is important to know that every resume should reflect the experience of the person’s personality and teach it. Because everyone’s experience is different, it is not surprising to be their resumes is also different.

Models resume CV in Arabic and English for free download

However, there are some aesthetic guidelines for CV, which we strongly recommend.

First open a blank document in Word.

The first thing we’ll do is set the hobby we discussed the Margins, by moving to the tab “layout” Layout and click on the button “margins” Margins.

Then you will know the drop-down menu several options for different margins to choose from. If you can’t find the margin you are looking for, you can click on “Custom Margins” at the bottom and enter the specifications that you want. Let’s go ahead and do it.


According to experts, the best size of the margin is 1 Up, Down, and 0.63 for both sides. This may seem a strange, but the aim is to get (relevant) information about yourself as possible on a page without confusing the reader..

Free sites turning the CV your traditional to Smart CV professional

Then click on “OK” once you enter the sizes of the margins that you want.


  • Decide what information should be included

Now after you set the margins, it’s time to start entering the information.

Think of the information that you put it mainly on what you are trying to achieve and where you are in your career. If you have more than two years of practical experience, the details of this information is more valuable than any high school I graduated from. or any clubs you were a part of in college.

So, what information should you put it? We will give you an overview in the following, you can identify areas that you should clarified.

  • Information for download
  • Professional experience (good to also include any volunteer work at the bottom of this section)
  • Education
  • Skills extra

It’s worth noting that you don’t need to contain work experience inadequate in your career, as you should, and you include any additional skills, to make sure it’s relevant to the location you request.

Another thing to remember is that you should always listing your experience in reverse chronological order. No, do list the latest experience for you first, and from there to the oldest experiments.

  • Organize that information

There are several ways to do this, but can say that the most effective way is through the creation of addresses, and then insert a table the content of each section. By doing this, you won’t be able to just move the content in groups rather than transfer it as an individual, which can be a headache in itself, but you can also give your resume a unique touch by adding the design of the tables. In the image below, for example, we add the dashed border to the left side of the table to create a visible component of the cute little connecting the elements of the different trade with.

First, let’s meet and we find a title we love. In the section “Styles” Styles tab “home page” to Home, you’ll find several styles virtual. If you can’t find what you like among them, the very Word on the feature that allows you to create your own file by:

First, click the arrow “MORE” More on the left side of the Styles built different.


You will see a list containing three different options. Then clicking on the “create a style” Create a Style .

A second window will appear “create new style from formatting the Create New Style from Formatting “. The only thing you can do here is rename the style, so click “Modify” Modify.


For fonts, there is no better option. Just be sure to use something clean and readable. For example, a font size of 14 point is appropriate for headings, but make sure that it is wide so that makes it easy to find each section for the reader.

Will automatically select the option to “add to gallery styles Add to the Styles gallery “. It is good to leave this option selected so you can easily access to your address the other sections of your resume. If you are planning to use this address again in the documents of the future, you can go ahead and deselect “only in this document” Only in this document, but since we just plan to use it in your resume to us, we reserve this option.

Then click OK OK.


Listen and type the title of your first layer new style. In this example, we’ll use the section “experience of Experience ” first.

Now, let’s use a table under the title of our first so we can keep all of your content linked correctly. Place the insertion point on the line below the title new, and switch to tab “Insert Insert ” and click the button “schedule Table “.

You will see then Network 10 x 8 in drop down menu. You can create the table size by moving your mouse over the network and when you choose the size you want. Given your resume, you will need to a single column description on sufficient to contain the separate parts of information that should be included. For example, if you have three prior tasks for inclusion in the “experience Experience“, you’ll need to Schedule 1 x 3.


Here’s what it looks like after you insert table in the document


We will remove the border lines later. First, put your information. But the text must be “title of the work, the Company” Job Title, Company in a larger font than the rest of the text but make sure you make his handwriting smaller than the section title. If you want to distinguish the title of your job, you can change the color or make it tilted, but try to keep it simple.


As soon as you become your information ready, let’s go forward to change the boundaries of our schedule. Just select the table by placing the insertion point anywhere inside it. Then switch to the tab “design ” in the section “tools of the Table Table Tools ” in the top bar, then click on the button “borders of Borders “.


If you want to keep this simple and remove all the lines of your schedule, select “no border No Border “. In this example, we’re offering a taste of our some flavor, so we will select “borders and shading Borders and Shading. “.


Since we want to only customize the left border of a table we will Use “custom Custom ” in the section “settings settings “. This allows us to use the section “Preview” to clear the aspects that we don’t want limits. Click the squares surrounding the city to turn off all borders except for the border left.

In the list of “style Style“, you can select a border design, color and width that you want. Then click on “OK” when you are ready.


Now we should have a section experience in our bio

Now, just repeat these steps for the rest of the sections will be finished to your resume occupation at any time!

How to create a professional resume on Microsoft Word

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