How to customize the settings of Safari privacy and security on iPhone and iPad

Do you want to check the privacy and security settings in Safari? Affiliate with us here in this article to see what you can customize it on the iPhone and iPad.

Make Apple TV a set of security and privacy settings across iOS وiPadOS, in particular within the settings of Safari, there are four options under the section Privacy & Security.

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These features include the Prevention of tracking sites, and block all Cookies, and of fraudulent web sites, check the presence of Apple Pay. You probably want to adjust them according to your needs or your preferences on the iPhone and iPad.

How to customize the settings of Safari privacy and security on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open Settings, swipe down and tap Safari
  2. Swipe down again and look under privacy and security
  3. Customize your settings, read further below to assist in decision-making

Here’s how this looks:

Note: in the system of the macOS, you can head to Safari, then Preferences and finally Privacy (privacy) for the same settings.

إعدادات Safari للخصوصية والأمان

Either temporarily or permanently, may wish to allow cookies, as many websites will require from you.

There is another option which is to prevent the tracking sites to Prevent cross-site tracking, will enable this option for web sites keep track of what you are looking for if you turn off this option. That means you’ll get ads that are more relevant to you compared to tracking across sites.

As you should check off the feature “Fraudulent Website Warning” and”Check for Apple Pay” in order to avoid any fraudulent transactions.

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