How to deal with pop-UPS on Android

Agree, very annoying situation when you want to read an interesting article that you found while surfing on your Android phone, how suddenly to open the site one by one open different Windows with very “helpful” suggestions. On a desktop PC to cope with this scourge is very simple thanks to the ad blocker. And what about smartphone users? You also have a way out, dear friends.

It should be noted that although the method of blocking pop-UPS is not 100 percent effective, when used correctly, you can block a lot of inappropriate content. The method described below is suitable for almost all versions of operating system from Android Nougat to Android Android and Oreo Pie.

How to disable pop-UPS in Chrome

  • Open Chrome being the default browser on Android.
  • Tap the icon consisting of three vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click “Settings”.
  • Scroll down to site settings.
  • Locate the “pop-UPS”.
  • Disable this feature.

What to do if this method does not work?

The above built-in security measure that is logical, easy to get around the rogue site owners. So in your Arsenal should be bigger. And we have it. Is a third-party app called Ghostery (install at your own risk). This is a full browser with enhanced features security system, which, in particular, allows to deal with pop-UPS.

To enable this option, tap the cogwheel and click “Block popup Windows”. But this program features are not limited and you can easily go to the settings section of the “Ghostery” and then “Tracker Blocking Options”, where you will have to install additional security options. Other browsers like Opera, Firefox and other offer similar to the above-described protection mechanisms, so that with their setup you should have no problems.

However, if you really like it Chrome, to completely get rid of ads have not come out. Back in February Google started the promotion program Ads Better Experience in Chrome. Through this system Chrome automatically removes ads that violate the criteria for the use of the service. This reduced the flow of advertising, but did not remove it completely.

So the choice locking methods. As the ability to subscribe to our news channel in the Telegram.

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