How to delete all files from Google docs in one click

Consumers were more likely to use the web version of office applications, the package Google — a popular solution among the similar. Let’s take a closer look at Google Documents. Opening them, users are faced with an unpleasant feature — a lot of unnecessary files. The tools built in to Google docs are not allowed to remove all at the same time.

But there is a solution. To select several documents for deletion, go to Google Drive. Next, hold down the Ctrl or Cmd on your keyboard and left click select the files that you want to delete. Once the file is selected, click on the button with the shopping cart in the top menu.

On the same principle it is possible to transfer multiple documents in a folder (select the files, hold down Ctrl, and then move the mouse to the desired folder).

In Google believe that to delete the files the best solution is a cloud Drive that remains a mystery. Here is the main page of Google docs:

Displays the list of files, the service deletes each document separately, but does not remove immediately, as it does Drive. What accounts for these functional differences is unclear.

Probably the main reason is the different team that are not in contact with each other, because to call such a decision a considered impossible.

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