How to delete an email message after you send it from the phone?

Support service e-mails Gmail the possibility to scan the letter after being sent a long time ago, but despite the availability of this feature on personal computers but they are not present in the Gmail app on Android ever since. Fortunately, finally will allow this feature on the phones through the fabric 8.7 out of Gmail app on Android.

Although the water has not confirmed officially but it appeared to a number of users without others where it was concluded that the water you need to support your account in addition to the To Be application Gmail Your up-to-date at the same time raised some confusion about the water in the first hours of its appearance.

Some users also pointed out that turning off the app completely after update, and then run it again possible that the emergence of water for the use of your account if not found after the update but this method is definitely not sure to succeed in show water.

How do you scan a mail message during sending

And until you scan the letter and e-mail through Gmail while it is being sent, press the Cancel which appear in the right side of the ribbon that appears with the word Sending while sending a message which can in seconds send out a message to the other party. This new feature on the Android application the possibility of not sending the message of the foundation and community need to the errors or it is sent in error or sent to someone else by mistake. But if you have sent the letter already, there’s another way to undo the send.

كيف تحذف رسالة بريد إلكتروني بعد إرسالها من الهاتف؟

How do you scan a mail message after being sent

In order to clear the message you have sent from the mailbox of the future for any reason, you have to deal with the situation quickly, after making sure to get the latest update, you can choose “Undo” which appear during the seconds that follow the sending of the message and the other party. If you do not by clicking on it with regret will not be able to clear the message from the inbox of your future in any way.

كيف تحذف رسالة بريد إلكتروني بعد إرسالها من الهاتف؟

This method certainly only works with Gmail accounts that send messages to another Gmail account only and not any other account where you won’t be able to Google from deleting the message from Inbox private by another company. The new update hasn’t arrived to the Google Play Store but you can resort to a reliable source to get the APK to install the latest update and use the advantage of regular long.

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