How to delete data on your old smartphone from Google Play

Google Play Store keeps in its memory a list of all your devices. When you look at this list, you may find that half of them you are already using, and maybe all this is not your gadgets (for example, you gave a smartphone to my mom). There is nothing wrong, but the data is still better to hide. Just in case. And now we’ll show you how to do it.

Older Android devices can’t be removed completely from the archive Play Store, but you can hide them so they no longer appeared in the device list. This greatly simplifies navigation through the list, especially if you have owned dozens of Android gadgets over the past few years.

How to remove Google Play

  • To start, open Google Play Store in a web browser, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select the submenu “Settings”. You will now see the page “My devices”, which contains all information about your activity and the list of gadgets. You will see all the devices from which you have ever signed in to Google Play.
  • You can now choose whether a specific device appear in the menu by selecting or deselecting the check boxes in the visibility tab. To do this, click “Edit” to assign the gadgets specified nick, if it is not. The fact that the default Play Store “remembers” some devices as “Unknown device”.
  • After you rename a device, click the “Refresh” button in the right corner of the screen to save the changes. These changes are universal, so they will now be used in all Google services. This means that all of your visible devices will be renamed in the list of compatible devices in the Play Store, and also in device Manager on Android.
  • Now you can start to conduct a “revision” by pressing for an unnecessary device and delete them from the list. Moreover, it will be useful to, for example, to organize a list of smartphones / tablets, if you use multiple gadgets for work and personal life.

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