How to delete files without the portability of retrieval on Windows

Even if you delete files using “Shift+Delete” and confirmed the demise of the Recycle Bin on the windows, and remain retrievable in easy, as we explained before.

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This is due to that the system does not destroy deleted files by “Shift+Delete”, but keep the effects-refundable even use the storage space that used to be achieved by this file, so we offer you this company to delete the files entirely without the portability of the loopback.

Delete files forever on Windows

• Download and install the software Alternate File Shredder free.

• Open the software will interface simple by the toolbar at the top.

حذف الملفات

حذف الملفات

• Click on the + sign from the tool bar and select which file you want to delete, you can also press on the file and dragging it to the program.

• Will show the details of what needs the file, you can invest some make the process of identifying and then clicking on the mark – from the toolbar.

حذف الملفات

حذف الملفات

• At the bottom, you’ll find that you can specify the number of times damaging the content, be sure to specify the write random data Random data Writing, which erases the impact of the concepts deleted, and you can specify other options, depending on your desire.

• When you are ready to delete the file and destroy it forever without any trace, click on the “CTRL+D”.

كيفية حذف الملفات بدون قابلية استرجاعها على ويندوز 1

كيفية حذف الملفات بدون قابلية استرجاعها على ويندوز 1

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