How to delete the history of their team Assistant Google and ban Google keep it

Google knows about us very much and argue with this fact meaningless. Every service the search giant is not only aimed at helping the users, but also to collect information about them, most of which can be attributed to confidential. History of search queries in the browser and displacement is only a fraction of what Google knows about you. Needless to say, if the company retains every voice command you give Google Assistant. Scary? Fortunately, we know how to deal with it.

Like the history of conservation, the voice command is stored in the settings section of your Google profile. It is also possible not only to remove but to listen to them.

How to listen to their appeals to Google Assistant

  • To gain access to voice queries to Google Assistant, go to the management page to their Google profile;
  • Sign in with your Google account;
  • Open the tab “Data and personalization”, which is located in the left side menu;
  • Go to the “History voice control – “Managing history”;
  • In the left side menu select “to Select the option to delete”;
  • In the opened window select the period for which you want to delete your recording and confirm your intention by pressing the “Delete”icon.

How can I prevent Google save your Google Assistant

If you wish, you can always prevent Google to keep all their appeals to the assistant.

  • For this purpose go to the “history of the voice control” and disable it as shown in the screenshot;
  • This must be done strictly after deleting all the records, since disabling history will deprive you of access to all the voice commands that you recorded before.

Despite the fact that, at first glance, Google is very easy for users to disable the history of voice queries, the reality is somewhat different. The company warns that the deactivation of this option can have a negative impact on the quality of speech recognition and also disable command “OK, Google”, allowing to activate the assistant without having to touch the smartphone.

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