How to delete your account on Instagram once and for all?

Maybe Instagram for some application it is used daily to share photos, videos, new, whether celebrities or friends, but that doesn’t mean that the app won the admiration of everyone, if you don’t find yourself want the continued involvement of the details of your life with others, or you want to share your pet photos, food photos your friends around their there is a solution for that and it cleared your account, which we explain in detail in this article.

If your decision to leave Instagram a non-final or want to come back to the site at the time of what you can do to stop a temporary account. And you can do this through the Android application or iOS files that you have to stop to copy the Instagram on your browser and go to your account settings and choosing “temporarily disable my account”.

Thus will be the disappearance having your website either your photos or your profile, even you open the account again disappears from the site will not be one to find you or contact you in any way.

Re-open an account Instagram

If over the period that you want to stop the use of Instagram in which you want to return to the site, there is nothing easier than that, just all you have to do is re-login to your account, and will normally will be your profile showing up again and people can email you and your group.

Off account Instagram permanently.

If you have decided not to go back again to use this app and want to end your existence, you can go to this link, and continue in the steps where you are asked about why you left the site. With your account, you won’t have any presence and can’t undo your decision, so you must make sure that the decision well before the steps.

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