How to deliver iPhone and any smartphone from the US for 900 rubles

Today Apple introduced new iPhone models and Apple Watch. From various sources we know almost everything: how the device will look like, be called, what features to have. The main question remains — how to buy a new smartphone among the first? Order iPhone in USA is one of the most convenient and favorable options, since the prices are lower and new items appear faster. However, Apple does not send the gadgets to residents of other countries on the us price, so many refuse this idea. What if shipping is cheaper than 1 000 rubles?

Such a cool action conducts a service for the delivery of goods from the US and Europe — mail-order. You can order iPhone, any other smartphone, smart watch or fitness bracelet: in any case pay for the shipping of only $ 13 (about 900 rubles). In stock you can order any models of Apple, Samsung, LG and other brands. The same goes for smart watches, for example, when ordering a Apple Watch or Samsung Gear S3, the cost of delivery is fixed $ 13.

Many gadgets are often sold only in some countries and not run to Russia, and this event is a great opportunity to acquire an exclusive device. So, Google Pixel 2 XL officially in our country to purchase, although this is, incidentally, one of the most interesting Android smartphones. It can be ordered on Amazon at the same price of about $ 900 — and it will be a new smartphone with 64 GB of internal memory, which can be used in Russia.

If you want to save, it makes sense to order in the USA hot new items that are still in Russia is very expensive (like the Galaxy Note 9). The smartphone is equipped with a processor Exynos 9810, 6 GB of RAM and 128/512 GB built-in storage. Resolution main camera of the smartphone is 12 MP for each module, and the capacity of the internal battery is 4000 mAh. An important innovation was the improved stylus S Pen supported Bluetooth and can act as a remote control.

Your savings: 5 000 rubles including delivery.

Well, if you switch to Android you’re not ready, you can always order the iPhone X or wait for the new models and get a smartphone for the same $ 13. Small trick — if you buy the iPhone X or iPhone 8, try to find a restored model on Amazon or eBay, so you can very well save.

If you’ve been planning to buy the phone, but I didn’t want to assemble a large parcel, now is the time to buy. All you need to do is create a package with the right gadget (smartphone or one one smart watch), and then specify one of the points of self-delivery in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Under these conditions, the delivery amount will automatically be recalculated and will be $ 13.

At stock you can even buy the Apple Watch Series 3 with the cellular module, which is very hard to get in Russia. Also discounted shipping applies to smart watches and fitness trackers.

For the safety of the devices upon delivery, do not worry — they get quality packaging, which is critical to your brand new iPhone arrived with a display. If you are not sure whether the selected item, you can always use the chat support for our services. The campaign will last until the end of September!

Order iPhone delivery for 900 rubles

Oh and don’t forget that if you don’t want to shop in American stores, the specialists of our services can all be booked for you through the services “Help to buy”. Only need a link to the product, and then act to be the experts. Wish you easy shopping!

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