How to determine the device model Apple TV

Depending on the date of purchase of Apple TV Your, you may have already forgotten which model it is. Or maybe having trouble with Apple TV and need the model number and troubleshooting.

For whatever reason, here are some ways to determine the model of Apple TV your.

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Display device model Apple TV

Turn on your Apple TV then follow these steps to get the model number.

1) open the Settings app.

2) Choose in General.

3) Click on About. In the menu you will find the model number of Apple TV listed down the name.

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Went to the support site of Apple with the model number of this co-generation, which requires with the Apple TV.

Check the unit Apple TV

Likely to be Apple TV first generation is easier to be recognized because the color of unit silver remote White.

The second and third generation both in black and with a layer of aluminum for remote control.

All of the Apple TV HD Apple TV 4K come in black for both devices.

You can also tell the difference between all models with rear ports. Unfortunately, the areas of the second and third generation looks identical.

طراز جهاز Apple TV

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