How to disable the picture in picture on the iPad

Feature allows you to picture in picture to follow up what you see while using a different app on your iPad. For example, you can reply to an email while watching a TV show on Netflix. However, some may prefer the commitment to experience reality app on the iPad. Follow these steps to know how to disable this feature.

How to disable the picture in picture on the iPad

  • On your iPad, open Settings> General> Multitasking & the Dock.
  • Turn the key to switch Picture in Picture.

Now, when you exit from an app like Netflix or Safari while the video is running, it will not appear video the top of the screen, and you’ll need to stay within the app above to watch the video.

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To re-enable this feature, simply restart the Switch. Note that even with this feature, the app needs to support the feature of PiP. For the most part, support most of the applications of this characteristic, with the presence of the biggest problem in YouTube.

The service is not available only on iPad at the moment, so won’t work on the iPhone or Apple TV.

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