How to disable tracking of search queries in Safari on iOS

Nowadays, many large companies absolutely do not hesitate, collect data about users. Take for example the same Google. The search giant keeps track of literally every step – from the complete history of queries, ending with data about your movements and personal preferences. All this is necessary in order to show the most appropriate and relevant advertising. If you are not happy with this situation – you can choose to restrict the collection of data. For this you need to follow one simple advice.

Information gathering Google

Unfortunately, to completely disable tracking of search queries and other data to Google is impossible. Despite the fact that you can limit the tracking of advertising , and disable the storing of information about the movement, the search giant in any case collects a lot of data, which can exactly identify the user. Therefore, the output in this situation only one — to change the search engine to DuckDuckGo.

What is DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo was originally developed as a means of anonymous search. This search engine does not store information about users and does not monitor their actions on other web sites. For all users — search results will be the same, while Google personalitywe the results for each individual user.

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Of course, the algorithms search from DuckDuckGo not as advanced as the Corporation is “good”, however, this search engine should try everyone — at least as an experiment. Yes, and other simple ways to protect yourself from surveillance yet.

How to disable tracking of search queries on the iPhone and iPad

The choice of the search engine

  • Launch “Settings” on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Go to the “Safari” – “Search engine”.
  • Change default “search engine” on DuckDuckGo.

Everything is ready. From this moment on, your search queries will not be tracked by websites. Of course you should not count on complete privacy: after all, today, to fully protect itself from information gathering and surveillance, it is simply impossible, even using specialized tools.

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